Getting mezzanine debt from alternative lenders for your business

Mezzanine Finance is a middle layer of capital which comes between the equity and secured senior debt. This kind of finance is not secured by the assets and lending based on the ability of company to repay it through free cash flow.

Mezzanine debt offers several benefits like back-ended payments, greater amount of funding, longer terms and ability to retain control over the company. Providing flexibility to the borrowers is the key advantage of mezzanine debt. It offers attractive financing options for the mid-market and small scale companies that don’t have enough finance for investment and growth.

Where mezzanine debt can be used?

  • Capital financing for the improvement of working capital
  • To purchase assets or stocks of the business
  • Repayment of stretched liabilities or current dues
  • For recapitalization financing

If you are getting problems in procuring mezzanine finance then you can approach alternative lender like Challis Capital to get loan for your business with ease.

Why to choose Challis Capital?

Challis Capital has expertise in facilitating successful Mezzanine Debt for property developers and corporate clients. They have wide network of investment banks, financial institutions, private equity, lenders and superannuation funds which allow them to provide various flexible and competitive loans to businesses.

Challis Capital is reckoned as one of the foremost facilitators of Mezzanine Finance in Australia. They facilitate mezzanine debt for commercial properties for up to 85% of LVR. Apart from it, they also offer property development proposal which is up to 90% of TDC and up to 80% of GRV.

When it comes to Mezzanine Finance, Challis Capital is a trusted name with extensive experience and outstanding market knowledge to offer perfect solution to accomplish your requirements. If you need any help or want to know more about their services then you can directly call them. You can also approach them for confidential chat where they will assist you in every manner and help in funding your project.

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