Approach the Experts of Challis Capital for Private Equity Funds

Private equity refers to funds which are directly used for investment in private companies.

Categories of private equity

There many types of investments that come under private equity category. These include angel investing, leveraged buyout, venture capital and growth capital

Uses of Private Equity

  • These funds are mainly used in industries for the development of innovative products
  • It can generate large amount of money
  • These funds are extensively used for expanding the working capital
  • Private equity funds come handy for facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • It helps in developing and making a company’s balance sheet stronger
  • It is best option for startup and small businesses to raise funds who are not able to get grants and loans.

If you are also looking for private equity funds then approach Challis Capital which has extensive experience and knowledge in raising funds from different channels. They are capable in funding capital even in complex funding situations. The company has wide network with leading industry players that allow them to directly access the capital for you.

Availing private equity in Australia

Today, in this fast paced market it becomes a necessity to hire the knowledgeable company expert who can help you in accessing the debt and equity capital directly. If you are also in similar situation then Challis Capital is your one-stop destination to accomplish your needs. They have good relationship with the professionals of leading private equity investment groups of Australia. As such, you can easily enhance your private equity funds through them.

Challis Capita has expertise in property related transactions. They are capable in offering optimal solution for any kind project with their strategic partnership with leading industry professionals. Challis Capital has earned reputation and credibility among clients for their expertise and best customer care.


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