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Understanding of the Capital Raising Process in Australia before Seeking Outside Funding

Getting capital may not be very difficult but getting the finance at the right time and in the right terms is what matters for some of the startups. It is extremely rare for a borrower/startup to go through the capital … Continue reading

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Importance of a Finance Broker in Getting Development Finance Explained!

Development loans are a specialized form of funding suitable only for the purpose of professional property developers and builders. It is important to understand that such type of commercial funding will definitely require the assistance of expert finance broker with … Continue reading

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Start Your New Business Ventures in Australia with Efficient Capital Rising

Growing a business venture in Australia takes systematic planning, hard work, preparation and most importantly a continuous and robust source of financing. It is important to attract financing from venture angles, outside investors, banks, venture capital sources and more, in … Continue reading

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Useful Things a Company Should Know About Mezzanine Debt

Most brokers and investors don’t really understand mezzanine loans and debt. The business owner has heard of it through an advisor or through their banker, but they still require more information for understanding how such finances or debt can work … Continue reading

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Credit Enhancement Strategies Enhances the Chances of Credit Approval

Many businesses in Australia apply for loans at finance companies, banks or other leasing firm and are rejected at regular basis due to the high degree of perceived finance/credit risks associated with them. It would be helpful to understand what … Continue reading

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